Brooks Bros meets its responsible sourcing target

31st January 2017

Brooks Bros (UK) Ltd has met its target to source at least 70% of timber and timber products from FSC®, PEFC or legally verified sources.


In 2016, 71% of timber and timber products sourced by Brooks Bros (UK) Ltd was third-party certified or legally verified, surpassing our target of 70% by 2018. This represents a significant increase since 2013, when only 50% of timber products were independently certified or legally verified.


“We’ve undertaken progressive steps to transform our supply chain and meeting our target is a real milestone for the company, demonstrating our strong commitment to responsible sourcing,” said Mark Fleming, Brooks Bros (UK) Ltd Managing Director. “This year we will focus our efforts on maintaining our current levels and look at setting new targets for 2020.”


Of the 28.8% of non-certified timber purchased, 55% (16% of total purchases) originate from countries with good forest governance such as USA, Canada, UK and France. A further 21% (6% of total purchases) was imported directly from suppliers with whom we have engaged extensively to ensure legality and where certification is not currently a viable option.


Over the last few years, our due diligence initiatives include visits to Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, China and Indonesia to audit our suppliers, inspecting factories, sawmills and tracking logs back to forest origin.

We have conducted training, engaged third-party legality experts where additionally expertise was required, and implemented a programme of product testing, including DNA testing and isotopic testing, on selected products.


Brooks Bros (UK) Ltd launched its Five-year Environmental Strategy in 2015 and updated its Responsible purchasing Policy which clearly committed the company to continuously increase the proportion of certified and legally verified timber year on year.


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