Commentary of the match goes as follows:


  • Welcome once again to Five Lakes Golf and Country Club and the 2015 Champions Trophy, played this year in strong winds and blazing sunshine.
  • Neill Birch and Steve Pilbeam (AW Champions) raced to a 2 hole lead after just 2 holes … Mark Fleming and Simon Greig (Brooks Bros UK) steadied the ship halving the next hole and getting back to level a few holes later … once again Champions moved into a 2 hole lead after Mark and Simon both missed short putts on the 7th and then both losing balls off the 8th tee... just when it looked a 3 shot lead was imminent Brooks made an unlikely half.
  • All square going to the 17th … then Steve sank a huge putt from off the green for Champions to go to the last 1 up.
  • When Simon duffed his final tee shot 20 yards into jungle and Mark hit a wild hook into deep rough way off line it looked like this was to be Champions year as they both hit good drives.
  • Sportingly, Champions lead the search for Mark’s ball which was found in very deep rough 80 yards from the fairway. Mark took 2 shots but was still in light rough with 155 yards to go.
  • Steve sensing victory took the water on with his 2nd shot into the green but it found a watery grave.
  • Mark hit his best shot of the day hitting a 7 iron out of the rough, pin high 2 yards off the green.
  • It was still looking certain for Champions with 2 balls on the green for 4 and Mark needing to win the hole still off the green, also for 4. Having not been close to a putt all day Mark sank the putt leaving Steve and Neill both with long puts to half the hole for victory.
  • Neil's 25ft putt looked in as it tracked towards the hole wiping the smile off Mark’s face but it just slipped past the hole giving Brooks an unexpected draw to retain the trophy. Pheww!



Celebrating (with the now traditional black velvet celebration drink) a terrific contest with Brooks Bros (UK) retaining the trophy.