Why Timber Cladding?

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Timber is environmentally sustainable and at the end of its service-life it can be recycled

Timber offers lower carbon ratings than other materials

Timber is more thermally efficient than other cladding materials

Timber is a versatile material offering a wide choice of finishes, colours and grain patterns

Timber cladding is a welcoming ‘eye-catcher’ and creates a ‘warm’ ambience

Timber cladding provides an effective covering for both exterior fascia’s and interiors

Brooks Bros timber cladding is supplied to British product standards (eg BS EN 942, BS1186-3:1990, BS8605-1 and BS8605—Part 2 in preparation)

Brooks Bros timber cladding is available in standard profiles, sizes and unfinished or bespoke machined and pre-finished in our own state-of-the-art machining facilities .

Brooks Bros timber cladding is easy to fix: by working closely with reputable timber and construction industry bodies to ensure appropriate detailing and fixing details are provided